Lewes Ladies vs Newbury RFC

This week the Lewes Ladies played Newbury away; it was a long journey but not a boring one on the coach! The game was interesting to watch with some of Lewes' players individually playing spectacularly, but they did not work as well together as a team on this particular day. Newbury were a cohesive unit [...]

Lewes Ladies vs Teddington RFC – round two

Hello everyone! This post is going to be a bit shorter than usual - very little spare time at the moment! But another great game against Teddington yesterday; both teams played well and Lewes were looking like a strong and cohesive unit. Really enjoyed the day even though it was a bit chilly! We were [...]

Lewes Ladies vs Teddington RFC

So after a little break I thought it was time  to take some more pictures and share them with you all! It was great to see everyone again and go and support as always. I'm still on crutches at the moment so I was seated and wasn't able to move with the action on the [...]

Lewes Women’s Rugby: the first of many posts

I've been taking pictures of Lewes Women's RFC for their past few games now, since I have been injured and unable to play. I thought, rather than attempting to remember all the specifics of the games, I'd share some of my favorite pictures and create a little photographic journey of both the team and me [...]

England Women vs Canada, 13.11.13

On Wednesday the 13th of November, the England Women's Rugby Team played Canada at Twickenham Stoop; it was a brilliant game as always and both sides fought hard for the win. I was seated in the stands for the game so wasn't as close to the action as I would have liked to be. With [...]