Rachael and Jack’s Wedding at the Guildhall and City Rooms, Leicester

Rachel and Jack’s wedding day was very special, with ceremony at the Guildhall in Leicester and reception at the City Rooms. Here are a small selection of some of my favourite photos – a huge thank you to Rachael and Jack for having me as wedding photographer and generally for being fantastic!

RO2A1359RO2A1363RO2A1376RO2A1383RO2A1410RO2A1424RO2A1446Version 2RO2A1563RO2A1571RO2A1582RO2A1643Version 2RO2A1696RO2A1743RO2A1753RO2A1771RO2A1780RO2A1869RO2A1876RO2A1901RO2A1934RO2A1970RO2A2008RO2A2010RO2A2071Version 2RO2A2141RO2A2230RO2A2258RO2A2268RO2A2269RO2A2278RO2A2282RO2A2351RO2A2423RO2A2449RO2A2506RO2A2521RO2A2527RO2A2544RO2A2566RO2A2609RO2A2625RO2A2635RO2A2690Version 2RO2A2768RO2A2784RO2A2800RO2A2817RO2A2821RO2A2827RO2A2856RO2A2886RO2A2911RO2A2919RO2A2942RO2A2951RO2A2961RO2A2971RO2A2999RO2A3020RO2A3030RO2A3037RO2A3081RO2A3106RO2A3125RO2A3128RO2A3168RO2A3213RO2A3226RO2A3236RO2A3248RO2A3269RO2A3298RO2A3305RO2A3352RO2A3358RO2A3378Version 2Version 2RO2A3423RO2A3464Version 2Version 2

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