Bach’n Eggs Classical Music Concert

I was delighted to photograph the very talented Olivia Jageurs‘ event – Bach’n Eggs, and used some in-camera double exposure to combine images of the musicians with the music being played.

The event featured performances from Olivia Jageurs – Harpist, and Philippa Mo – Violinist. Emma Diamond also wrote a fantastic new piece for the event. What more could you want from a Sunday than a Bruch, mimosas and beautiful classical music?

The event was held at Kindred in Hammersmith; here are a few of my favourite photographs from the afternoon.

_O2A9694_O2A9697_O2A9708_O2A9712_O2A9716_O2A9724_O2A9726_O2A9727_O2A9729_O2A9734_O2A9738 - Version 2_O2A9752_O2A9774_O2A9778_O2A9779_O2A9780 - Version 2_O2A9791_O2A9811_O2A9824_O2A9827_O2A9837_O2A9844 - Version 2_O2A9864_O2A9871_O2A9886_O2A9896_O2A9900_O2A9912_O2A9913_O2A9918 - Version 2_O2A9926_O2A9928_O2A9933_O2A9934_O2A9947_O2A9955 - Version 2_O2A9960_O2A9972 - Version 2_O2A9986


For more details, and to sign up to hear about the next Bach’n Eggs event, see

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