Joe & Danielle’s wedding at Stanford Farm

Joe and Dani’s wedding at Stanford Farm was such a wonderful day. Here are some of my favourite photographs. Such a big thank you to both of you for choosing me as your photographer; your photos are making your way to you in the post right now!!!

_O2A6917_O2A6929_O2A6932 - Version 2_O2A6939 - Version 2_O2A6976_O2A7014 - Version 2_O2A7011_O2A7021 - Version 2_O2A7035_O2A7039_O2A7095_O2A7040 - Version 2_O2A7089_O2A7123_O2A7155_O2A7175_O2A7189_O2A7193_O2A7211_O2A7223_O2A7259_O2A7339_O2A7370_O2A7384_O2A7420_O2A7452_O2A7472_O2A7510_O2A7559_O2A7593_O2A7600_O2A7668_O2A7745 - Version 2_O2A7774_O2A7800_O2A7805_O2A7833 - Version 2_O2A7844_O2A7902_O2A7949_O2A7961_O2A8011_O2A8029_O2A8039_O2A8202_O2A8216_O2A8272_O2A8298_O2A8304_O2A8473_O2A8479_O2A8489_O2A8496_O2A8606RO2A8789_O2A8659_O2A8666_O2A8668_O2A8680_O2A8722 - Version 2_O2A8724_O2A8859_O2A8865_O2A8938_O2A8975_O2A9117_O2A9166_O2A9189_O2A9240_O2A9328_O2A9343


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