Free Portrait Sessions

Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Irene and I am offering professional portrait sessions for completely free! See a few examples of images below, and continue reading if you want to find out a bit more.


I am looking for all different types of people to feature in a project I am currently working on. Sessions will be one hour in length and take place in a public place – possibly outdoors if weather permitting, if not then a near by cafe or similar. I can travel anywhere within Sussex and also possibly London, as well as Herefordshire. Photoshoots will mainly take place in evenings/late afternoons, or weekends due to work commitments.

I’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and take photos throughout the time that we are talking.

This might be a good idea for you if you are looking for a few portrait  photos, for example for profiles or for linked-in, or just if you want some nice photos of yourself!

I am offering this for free as it is part or a wider project I am currently working on – this means the images that are taken may be used in the public sphere – for example for campaigns, on posters and leaflets, and advertising. An example might be for the photo to be used in a campaign to raise awareness and combat loneliness.

As such you will have to be happy for the images taken to be used in this way – you will sign a form of consent that I can send to you prior to the shoot.

After the shoot I will provide the images to you online, fully edited and without watermark and in low-res. This means that you can use the images but they won’t be appropriate for creating large prints out of – all images in this post are in fact low-res, so you don’t lose the quality when sharing online or if making smaller prints.

If you are interested and want to book in a session, or have any questions at all, please send me an email at

See images below for examples of previous work and have a browse through galleries and blog posts on my site.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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