Heather and Mike’s wedding

Such a lovely day on Saturday celebrating Heather and Mike’s marriage in London! It was a pleasure to photograph and be a part of – thank you both! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day :)

_O2A0066 - Version 2_O2A0071 - Version 4_O2A0101 - Version 3_O2A0114 - Version 3_O2A0141 - Version 2_O2A0176 - Version 2_O2A0244 - Version 3_O2A0396 - Version 3_O2A0411 - Version 2_O2A0414 - Version 2_O2A0470 - Version 2_O2A0514 - Version 2_O2A0538 - Version 2_O2A0591 - Version 2_O2A0592 - Version 3_O2A0609 - Version 2_O2A0625 - Version 2_O2A0652 - Version 2_O2A0710 - Version 3_O2A0736 - Version 2_O2A0753 - Version 2_O2A0785 - Version 2

3 thoughts on “Heather and Mike’s wedding

    1. Hey Kritt – thank you! I shoot on a Canon 5D MKIII, and for most of the shots I used my Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 L and some with my Canon 70-200 f/4.0 L. Hope that helps :)

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