Sam and Kate’s wedding

A few weeks ago i had the fantastic opportunity of photographing Sam and Kate’s wedding. It was such a beautiful day! This was my first time photographing a wedding (eep!) but Kate and Sam made it an absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. Here’s a selection of some of my favourite photos from the day – enjoy!

_O2A5587 _O2A5636 _O2A5659 _O2A5668 _O2A5685 _O2A5700 _O2A5725 _O2A5772 _O2A5779 _O2A5787 _O2A5827 _O2A5836 _O2A5868 _O2A5921 _O2A5938 _O2A5958 _O2A6019 _O2A6142 _O2A6169 _O2A6172 _O2A6203 _O2A6213 _O2A6218 _O2A6265 _O2A6286 _O2A6314 _O2A6413 _O2A6428 _O2A6596

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