Rae Morris @ Komedia, Brighton 10/2/15

I’ve not had much of a chance to take many pictures recently so the blog has been a bit quiet for a while!

On Tuesday Rae Morris was in Brighton so I thought to myself, “Well, isn’t this a nice opportunity to go to a nice gig and take some nice pictures too!” So thats what I did. And what an awesome evening. Rae Morris was absolutely fantastic, and was everything and more than what I was expecting. So here are some pictures from the evening :)

Rae Morris 1Rae Morris 2     Rae Morris 3  Rae Morris 4 Rae Morris 5   Rae Morris 6   Rae Morris 7Rae Morris 8       Rae Morris 9    Rae Morris 10 Rae Morris 11 Rae Morris 12  Rae Morris 13Rae Morris 14     Rae Morris 15    Rae Morris 16  Rae Morris 17  Rae Morris 18 Rae Morris 19 Rae Morris 20 Rae Morris 21Rae Morris 22  Rae Morris 23   Rae Morris 24Rae Morris 25   Rae Morris 26

Thanks for taking a look!

Rae Morris’ debut album is out now – get it here!

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