Be a part of something. Be a part of Lewes Women’s Rugby.


If you are looking for a new rugby team, to play some extra rugby or to try a something a bit different, Lewes Women’s Rugby could be for you. We are open to both experienced and non-experienced players and are always friendly and welcoming to people who are keen to give rugby at Lewes a go.

IMG_0217 1Making the decision to join a new club whether you have played the sport before or not is always going to be a hard one. Will the people be nice? Will the level of rugby be too hard, or too easy? Will I have the time to commit to something new?

Although I could answer these questions by boring you endlessly with what Lewes Rugby is to me; how fun I think it is; how friendly the people are; how accommodating but challenging the training and games can be – The ultimate answer to all of the above questions is that if YOU don’t give it a go, you’ll never KNOW! If you are considering rugby at Lewes then you’ll lose nothing from coming along to a training session or a social event and seeing for yourself what we’re all about. 

You may be keen to make new friends, get fitter, move clubs, learn something new – whatever it is – you are reading this blog post for a reason, and that reason is either because you are extremely bored, or it is because you are genuinely interested.

Its is not a big step from being interested, to actually deciding to take the chance and DO IT.

Be a part of something that makes you feel good; something that keeps you fit; something that gives you an opportunity to meet new people. Be a part of Lewes Women’s Rugby.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from this past year that I have spent photographing Lewes; hopefully it will give you an insight into what it’s like to be a part of Lewes Women’s Rugby.



Lewes train at Lewes RFC every Thursday from August the 7th 19:30-21:00, with food and drinks in the clubhouse after every training session – Come along!

On Saturday the 9th of August we have a England vs Canada fun day; it is a day aimed at promoting womens rugby and encouraging people to give it a go. There will be some fun rugby games and touch, followed by some free lunch and watching the England women vs Canada women world cup game in the club house. For more info and to confirm your attendance click here.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to visit the Lewes RFC website  or contact our New Players Contact, Alice Hannon at

Be a part of something. Be a part of Lewes Women’s Rugby.

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