Lewes Ladies vs Aylesford RFC

This week, Lewes faced Aylesford at home. As well as the match, the ladies were also busy with Lory’s Charity Day which was also being held at the club that day. I had to run away from my hook the duck stall for a bit to take the pictures of the game! It was a really brilliant day in all, and a fantastic game of rugby.

I have gone a from more of an abstract angle this week. I hope this doesn’t disappoint too much, I do also have a lot of action ones that I will upload later!

IMG_3499 - Version 2

IMG_3500 - Version 2

IMG_3506 - Version 2

IMG_3511 - Version 2

IMG_3512 - Version 2

IMG_3519 - Version 2

IMG_3521 - Version 2


IMG_3545 - Version 2

IMG_3557 - Version 2

IMG_3559 - Version 2

IMG_3565 - Version 2

IMG_3572 - Version 2

IMG_3580 - Version 2

IMG_3595 - Version 3

IMG_3598 - Version 2


IMG_3613 - Version 2

IMG_3616 - Version 2

IMG_3617 - Version 2

IMG_3622 - Version 2

IMG_3627 - Version 2

IMG_3638 - Version 2

IMG_3646 - Version 2

IMG_3647 - Version 2

IMG_3648 - Version 2

IMG_3654 - Version 2

IMG_3666 - Version 2


The final score was 10-7 to Aylesford. Pictures of the rest of Lory’s Charity Day here.


4 thoughts on “Lewes Ladies vs Aylesford RFC

  1. No disappointment, but who’s the chap in the hat? I particularly like your group shot of the team.

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