Lewes Ladies vs Newbury RFC

This week the Lewes Ladies played Newbury away; it was a long journey but not a boring one on the coach! The game was interesting to watch with some of Lewes’ players individually playing spectacularly, but they did not work as well together as a team on this particular day. Newbury were a cohesive unit and have improved massively since Lewes played them at the beginning of the season.

This week again I have tried to shy away from taking too many action shots; please feel free to comment and let me know what you think as I always appreciate people letting me know!

IMG_0713 1 IMG_0717 IMG_0723 1 IMG_0727 2 IMG_0732 1 IMG_0735 1 IMG_0748 1 IMG_0757 1 IMG_0766 1 IMG_0770 1 IMG_0787 1 IMG_0791 1 IMG_0798 1 IMG_0804 1 IMG_0836 1 IMG_0844 1 IMG_0856 1 IMG_0858 1 IMG_0888 1 IMG_0916 1

The final score was 32-7 to Newbury. Thanks for looking :)

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