I thought it was about time I shared something that wasn’t so much to do with sport and action! I’ve just started another photography course, so I’m trying to push my comfort boundaries – this week our homework focused on composition. We were given a set of criteria; for example –  symmetry, abstraction, a frame within a frame, subject moving out of frame, geometrical shapes that draw you in – to name a few. All of the pictures had to be of the same subject or location, and I chose Preston Park in Brighton, as it’s quite close to where I live. 

I hope that everyone enjoys these and please don’t judge too harshly as it’s the first time I’ve really attempted something like this! I kept to black and white to try and focus more on the shapes and composition of the picture.

IMG_0580 1

IMG_0585 1

IMG_0588 1


IMG_0598 1

IMG_0603 1



IMG_0619 1

IMG_0630 1

IMG_0632 1

IMG_0633 1



IMG_0638 1

IMG_0640 1

IMG_0644 1

IMG_0646 1

IMG_0655 1

IMG_0675 1

IMG_0687 1

For any of those that are interested in doing photography classes in Brighton, I can’t recommend Natasha Lythgoe enough – she runs both beginner and intermediate classes, and is a brilliant teacher. Here’s the link to her website:

Thanks for taking the time to look at this post, hopefully there will be more to follow soon!

2 thoughts on “Composition

  1. I like the litter bin one: perfectly timed as the person was in frame; and the long tree branch, and the ones with the circular pathstones in. The path/bridge (?) to the building has a book cover feel to it (if and when I ever write one, can I use it?!) xxx

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