Lewes Ladies vs Bracknell RFC

This week Lewes played Bracknell in what was a brilliant game to watch, really made me want to play again!  I tried to go from a bit of a different angle this week so there aren’t so many ‘action’ shots, tried to focus a bit more on the other stuff that was going on and create more of a story of the game. Again, this is going to be a bit of a shorter post because of lack of time, but hope everyone enjoys.

IMG_0357 1 IMG_0363 1 IMG_0367 1 IMG_0373 1 IMG_0377 1 IMG_0382 1 IMG_0386 1 IMG_0388 1 IMG_0407 1 IMG_0421 1 IMG_0422 1 IMG_0437 1 IMG_0438 1 IMG_0446 1 IMG_0447 1 IMG_0449 1 IMG_0450 1 IMG_0452 1 IMG_0479 1 IMG_0503 1 IMG_0528 1 IMG_0532 1 IMG_0538 1 IMG_0548 1 IMG_0549 1 IMG_0555 1 IMG_0558 1 IMG_0563 1

The final score was 33-0 to Bracknell, and a great game all round.

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