Lewes Ladies vs Teddington RFC – round two

Hello everyone! This post is going to be a bit shorter than usual – very little spare time at the moment! But another great game against Teddington yesterday; both teams played well and Lewes were looking like a strong and cohesive unit. Really enjoyed the day even though it was a bit chilly!

We were playing in red due to a forgotten kit  – not the first time this has happened!

IMG_0010 1 IMG_0015 1 IMG_0019 1 IMG_0029 1 IMG_0037 1 IMG_0082 1 IMG_0085 1 IMG_0096 1 IMG_0101 1 IMG_0122 1 IMG_0146 1 IMG_0196 1 IMG_0212 1 IMG_0217 1 IMG_0230 1 IMG_0235 1 IMG_0237 1 IMG_0289 1

The final score was 31-10 to Teddington. Next week we play Bracknell at home, so expect another post very soon :)

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