Lewes Ladies vs Teddington RFC

So after a little break I thought it was time  to take some more pictures and share them with you all! It was great to see everyone again and go and support as always. I’m still on crutches at the moment so I was seated and wasn’t able to move with the action on the pitch, but I tried my best to capture what was going on!

IMG_9276 1

Unfortunately I missed the first few minutes of the game – me and my mum got lost along the way as the satnav tried to take us to Wales… I have definitely taken for granted always being in the car with Pip aka ‘Rainman Pigeon’ before now! Teddington had scored the first try just as we got there.

IMG_9289 1

It was a tough game from the beginning, with Teddington making ground hard and fast. Lewes’ players were making takles left right and center but Teddington forced themselves through the gaps and continued to dominate the play.

IMG_9294 1 IMG_9303 1

There were a number of times that the chances for a Lewes try looked positive; Caro (above) ran half the length of the pitch towards the tryline but was tackled to the ground by a number of Teddington’s players.

IMG_9305 1 IMG_9318 1 IMG_9335 1

After half time Teddington continued to dominate the game; though Teddington repeatedly gave penalties away, it seemed Lewes was rarely in possession due to the ball being constantly turned over and stolen from rucks. 

IMG_9345 1 IMG_9352 1 IMG_9353 1

Sam (above) always has the best rugby faces!

IMG_9357 1 IMG_9362 1 IMG_9365 1 IMG_9370 1 IMG_9377 1 IMG_9378 1 IMG_9382 1

IMG_9393 1 IMG_9399 1 IMG_9400 1

I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the final whistle was blown; even on the sidelines it felt like a long game!

IMG_9417 1

The final score was 30-0 to Teddington. They were a great side, but Lewes were also solid in their defense – I’m looking forward to watching the next game when we face them again on our own turf.

IMG_9418 1

If you’ve enjoyed this post then please do follow and share with everyone! Lewes play Tabard away next week, so expect another one very soon. Thanks for reading :)

2 thoughts on “Lewes Ladies vs Teddington RFC

  1. cracking photos as ever Irene, good gurning girls! Also I was surprised to see Jodie Keen make a special guest appearance as scrum half about halfway through….

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