England Women vs Canada, 13.11.13

On Wednesday the 13th of November, the England Women’s Rugby Team played Canada at Twickenham Stoop; it was a brilliant game as always and both sides fought hard for the win. I was seated in the stands for the game so wasn’t as close to the action as I would have liked to be. With my local team I’m used to having a bit more freedom of movement, but it was a great experience having to take these pictures with such a limited view from quite a far distance.

IMG_8867IMG_8871 1IMG_8899 1IMG_8901 1IMG_8902 1IMG_8918IMG_8919 1IMG_8920 1IMG_8934 1

Above, Katy McClean is about to take a penalty. She had an absolutely cracking game, and is an inspiration to all the number 10’s and centres out there!

IMG_8939 1IMG_8944 1IMG_8953 1

Maggie ‘The Machine’ Alphonsi is a personal hero and absolute legend.

IMG_8955 1IMG_9008 1IMG_8962 1IMG_8952 1IMG_9009 1IMG_9011 1IMG_9034 1IMG_9040 1

The result of the game was a very deserved 32-3 to England. For anyone who has never been to watch a women’s rugby match before, I would thoroughly recommend it. £10 for a game of top world-class rugby? You can’t get much better than that!

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